A One of A Kind Life

Imagine a life where you give yourself permission to pursue the things you're interested in, to boldly seek your own adventures, to take the class, start the business, write the book, go on the trip. Imagine no longer being held hostage by fear, self-doubt, or lack of resources. Imagine living your life as the original design it was intended to be, rather than the shadowy imitation you've been settling for.


getting started

I know what you're thinking. I had those thoughts, too. I'm too old. It's too late. My family won't approve. I can't leave my job. I'll make a fool of myself. It won't work out. My friends won't like me anymore. There's no time. There's no money.

On the other side of every one of those fears & doubts is your one of a kind life. It's all your Future Self can do to not reach through time & whisper fiercely in your ear, "You can do this! I'm here, waiting for you!"

And I'm here to show you how to design it, create it, and live it.

Your life is meant to be original, creative, and beautiful; a one of a kind, just like you! It's time to stop pretending to be anyone other than who you truly are. I'll show you how. We can do this together!

You're in the right place.

"Feeling grateful for some juicy good moments with Paula today.  All lovely, easy and gentle. A new phase of alignment."


got her groove back:

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


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How to Get Started

You long for something more. I'll show you how to create a life worth loving. Let's make your dreams your everyday reality!

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Not sure what you need? Feelings of  doubt keeping you stuck? I hear you! Join me at the kitchen table for a cozy chat. We'll figure it out!

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“everything is waiting. everything is possible. all of your desires can become your reality. it starts with knowing what you want.”


Guidance & Advice

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My beautiful friend. I see you. I see your longing. I know what it's like to realize your life isn't where you thought it would be; to be at that crossroads: will it be more of the same, dying inside a little more each day, or the road home to the life you're meant for? I've traveled this path. I can show you how to find your way. 

You need clarity and accountability in order to create significant & lasting change. You need support to navigate that change.


You're ready for the life that's on the other side of "yes". You also know you need help getting there.

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I know what it's like to make your decisions from the place of fear. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. You've got hopes and dreams, and I want you to go after them. In fact, I'd love to help you go after them! A cozy chat will give you clarity about where you are, and what it's going to take to create a life you can fall in love with again!

Sometimes speaking the words is all it takes to see clearly the best way through. Then you get to decide how you'll make the journey.


You're not sure, or you're afraid...that you're not brave enough, or strong enough, or it's too late. (Lovely, it's never too late.)

Do It Yourself

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You realized some time ago your life wasn't where you thought it would be; you've gone beyond the crossroads and chosen the road home to the life you're meant for. But the way isn't always clear.  I've traveled this path. I can show you how to find your way. Get the latest inspiration, ideas, & resources delivered straight to your inbox.

Intrepid traveler, I can show you the way home to a life you'll love. You've traveled far, I've got the map to show you the way from here.


You've got the confidence & inner resolve to go after what you want, along with the knowledge that you are worthy of your dreams & desires.

"The life I see myself living, very peaceful & gracious, was here all the time...I just didn't realize it."

"There are so many things I want to be doing, but I never seemed to get my To Do list caught up. I felt exhausted most days, like I was running in circles with no time for what really matters. Now I have a way of organizing my tasks that's unique to me & doesn't feel overwhelming."


Took back her time

Yes, Life Really Can Be
This Good

"Sharing what I'd learned with my mom...it changed my parents' lives as well!"

"I have an energy to my spirit I was unable to harness alone. Feeling empowered, I shared what I’d learned with my mom. Six months later, after applying the ideas to her relationship with my dad, both felt the last six months had been the most meaningful of their near forty-year marriage."


renewed her spirit

"Through Paula's coaching I was able to make the right decision for me!"

"Paula came into my life during a time of chaos. It was a time of confusion. I was about to change brokers, but which one was right for me? There were so many choices, so many questions. Paula helped me organize my thoughts and get real clear about what I needed from a broker. It was through her coaching that I was able to make the right decision for me!"


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