I decided I wasn't going to settle anymore...

But it took me a lot of years to get to that moment.  I had settled through every decade, letting fear stage manage my life from the wings.

 I held myself back from going after my dreams. I denied authentic desires. I did a lot of pretending. And Someday had a prominent place on my calendar.

there may be plot twists & setbacks, but every good story has a happy ending.

Finally, in my fifties, I began to find myself. I’m a very late bloomer. I realized I didn’t have to keep longing for my dreams. I could begin living my dreams.

And then, life went sideways. The life I’d been holding onto wasn’t there anymore.

November 8, 2018, the town I lived in, Paradise, CA, burned to the ground in less than six hours. 18 square miles. 19,000 structures. More than 11,000 homes. In less than six hours. The ferocity was astonishing.

My superpower is helping women create a life they can fall in love with…. one that’s authentic, creative, and beautiful, where living their dreams is everyday life. 

So I fired Fear.

I was done with settling. Fear no longer had a hold over me. What, after all, had I been afraid of? Fear had done its best to keep me safe and secure. But it had also kept me from experiencing the thrill of Life. There was nothing left to fear.

It was time to start living the life I felt meant for, to be true to myself, do work I love in the best way possible. I've realized it may be the last third of life, but it's still the middle of the story. The best chapters have yet to be written.

I’d love to help you discover how to live your one of a kind life too. Original is much more interesting than perfect, don't you think?


...dreams and happy endings, possibilities, solutions, creativity, authenticity, and beauty. just to name a few...


...settling for less than what you want; the newest or fastest; imitation; letting fear run the show. 


...writing the latest blog post; dreaming up new offers; in a comfy chair with a good book; baking from scratch.

daily rituals

...rising early; a cup of tea; Simple Abundance; morning pages; daily walks; connecting with friends. 





gift from the sea

a cup of tea, lovely!

britbox & acorn tv, of course!

chocolate chip cookies



the novel i've put off for too long!

My Favorite Things

Chocolate chip cookies! Homemade, of course!

my happy place!

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A Bookstore! I can wander for hours. There is no such thing as too many books..

The garden. A flower garden, a walled garden, a kitchen garden, I'll have them all! Even if the garden is just pots on the patio, it is enough.

My Favorite Things

British mysteries. Agatha Christie is my go to. And I have several other favorites! Ask me!

my guilty pleasure

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Vintage home collectibles. Pressed glass, teapots, dishes, home decor, so much to love!

English country house living. Stacks of books, overstuffed furniture, artwork on the walls, carpets on the floors, french doors opening to a terrace and gardens beyond.

This      That











night owl





Where I stand on the super important stuff... What about you?  Agree / disagree? 

“Your approach is amazing.
You give women permission to say "yes",
then support as they find their new wings.”


so they say:

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