Knowing What’s True For You – And Why It Matters

One of the most common outcomes of transition and transformation is that the life we used to live is no longer our reality.  So, how do you reconstruct your life, when many of the things you used to hold so dear no longer have the attraction they used to?

Here are 3 exercises you can use to begin to recognize more clearly just what it is that makes your heart sing, that makes you feel like you are “humming”, the vibrational resonance is that strong!

When you become more conscious of what is really true for you, you begin to choose it more easily more of the time.  Soon your life is a more authentic reflection of YOU! Not who your parents or partner or employer or whoever think you should be or would like you to be, but the You that is the essence of your authentic self.

If you are still excavating within for evidence of just what that is for you, then try these exercises over the coming week and see what you discover about yourself!

1. What Are My Beliefs? There are many things that we believe in common with others.  If sitting down and giving some thought to just what you believe in is something new for you, then start with those beliefs.  From there, start thinking about what it is you believe to be true – about yourself, your life, the world in general.  Try not to self-censor.  Just write down whatever comes to mind.

2.  What Are My Values? Your values are your moral compass.  They help you determine how you are going to show up everyday in the world.  Believe it or not, everyone doesn’t have the same values.  You can’t get a fix on what you value by asking your sister or husband, or neighbor.  Sorry!  This is just between you and your Inner Wisdom.  Again, when you are putting this list together, just go with the first thoughts that come up, rather than censoring them.

3.  What Am I Intuitively Attracted To? Okay, you’ve done some of the harder work with the first two exercises.  Now it gets a little bit fun!  Ask yourself,  if money and time were non-factors,what is it that you would be, do and have easily, effortlessly and without reservation?  Think of your strengths.  What are you just brilliant at doing?  What are your spiritual gifts?

Remember, you are doing some very intense energy work when you engage in these exercises.  You are activating the desire to align more fully with the essence of who you truly are.  And in setting into motion that activation, you are already accessing your inner wisdom.

You may feel it in your body before you have even finished.  It may take a few hours or days, but you will begin to notice inner and outer energy shifts as you allow yourself to be more aligned with what is True For You!

You are on your way to making transformation a more intentional experience!

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