How to Break Through the Barriers to Success

KeyWe all want to be successful.  And when we decide to follow our hearts and pursue our true work, there is this expectation that, somehow, everything we need to know will come to us, all the resources we need will be provided, and because we are doing work that is aligned with our purpose that all will be an effortless flow from one success to the next.

If any of you reading this right now are having this experience, then I want to talk!  Because I have discovered that no matter how aligned you are with your purpose, no matter how passionate you are about what it is you are doing, and no matter how hungry the world is for what you have to offer, there are still going to be obstacles and barriers to success.

Most of those barriers are the result of us, insisting that if we just work hard enough, eventually we will achieve the success we seek.

I am here to tell you, ladies, there is an easier way.  And that way is taking a small pause…and making sure you remember that, like the saying, success is an inside job first.

4 Big Barriers To Watch For

There are 4 big barriers to your success.  And, there are corresponding inner actions you can take so that you can constantly be shifting yourself back into alignment with what it is you are wanting to accomplish.  But before we get to those, let’s take a quick look at what these barriers are.

  1. Scattered Energy. Something happens.  Your best laid plans go sideways.  The day you had planned starts to unravel.  Your emotional and spiritual energy gets totally tangled, you become reactive instead of intentional.  You end up sending out scattered energies and getting results that are not in alignment with what you truly want.
  2. Fear. You are in unknown territory. You have no frame of reference for where you are, or what you are doing and experiencing.  There is an acronym for fear: false expectations appearing real.  And it’s really true. A lot of fear is the result of perceiving things that are not real.
  3. Beliefs. Having beliefs that we are incapable or unworthy of the success we are seeking are probably some of the biggest barriers to success.  Sometimes fear and belief barriers get all mixed up and we are fearful of the success itself.  A belief is a very strong thought pattern that has been integrated with lots of emotion, so it is understandable if you are experiencing this kind of barrier and feeling frustrated with getting to the other side of it.
  4. Focusing on the problems. Where your focus goes, your energy flows, and believe me, you are sure to follow.  This barrier is a little bit sneaky.  You may think that the problems are the barriers to your success, but it is actually focusing on those problems that is the barrier.  You will never come up with the solutions you seek by keeping your eyes on the problems.

As It Is Within, So It Is Without

The way through all of these barriers to success begins with your connection and partnership with Divine Spirit.  Sometimes we are in such a hurry to just get out there and be in action, that we forget that taking the few minutes to manage our energy, means you are going to shift your vibrational output to be more aligned with the solutions that will move you closer to success.  Do the inner work, and the outer work becomes easier.   Click to Tweet!

4 Energy Tools

Here are 4 Energy Management Tools that will help you break through the barriers to success we’ve looked at today.

Connect to your Inner Guidance. When you’re experiencing scattered energy, take a moment to re-establish your connection with the Divine.  There are many ways.  Prayer, meditation, a walk in nature, finding a way to have a few quiet moments is often enough.  When you are in partnership with Spirit, you can ask for assistance and guidance, and know that you are not alone.  You have help and it’s on the way.  The responsibility for making everything happen is not all on you.  As you reconnect and become aware again, your energy will begin to focus.

Shift Your Perception. Remember that when you are experiencing fear, you are expecting and perceiving a reality that does not yet exist.  Perception is reality, not the other way round.  As you shift your perceptions, you move yourself into a space where you can activate new feelings and expectations.  Your vibrational frequency shifts and you are able to move beyond reactive mode and back into the energy of intention and choice.

Engage the Spiral of Empowering Beliefs. Beliefs of inadequacy, unworthiness, and inability are low frequency vibrations.  That’s why we don’t feel good, why we feel small and our world stays small.  The dreams we hold of success and contribution are bigger and brighter, and they nourish our spirits and pull us forward.  But there is a gap between what you believe right now and the beliefs that will be in alignment with the energy of your dreams.  And you can’t get there in one giant leap.  Using the spiral of empowering beliefs allows you to incrementally create new beliefs that are more easily assumed.  With each one you expand and move closer to the ultimate empowering beliefs that support your success!

Co-Create Solutions. When you partner with Spirit, you are activating your Inner Guidance system.  You also have a partner to brainstorm possibilities with.  You are going to come up with many possible solutions for the problems at hand.  Sometimes when you pursue a solution that feels right, you come to what looks like a roadblock.  But there is a difference between roadblocks and detours.  Using your guidance system, you will be able to discern the difference.  You will allow your guidance to lead you onwards, and you will continue to attract resources until you ultimately accomplish what you desire.

Learning how to break through the barriers to your success begins with understanding just what it is that’s holding you back.  As you zero in, you can use the different energy management tools at your disposal and quickly find yourself experiencing the kind of success you desire.  Your dreams will more quickly become your reality.  You will find that if you take a few minutes each day to bring yourself back to the place of feeling good, then the signals you are sending out are going to be more consistent.  And so will your results!

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