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I am thrilled to be a Blog Buddy on day 4 of the Blog Tour of author Patricia Shaw whose book Healers Almanac, Journey into Health with Wisdom from the 21st Century Goddesses! Launches on Amazon on Thursday January 5th 2012.

Patty Shaw is an UCM minister, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor and teacher and has been interested in the way we heal for most of her life.  When she became a mother she took her own mom’s strategy for health care for the family and added to it by exploring many alternative healing modalities and medicine.  Over the last twenty years Patty has been helping others create happiness through creating health in our body, mind and spirit.  Patty is passionate about helping people whether it’s in her private practice, at her Reiki Clinic or at her School of Akashic Healing where she teaches others how to be spiritual healers.

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Patty is also co-owner of Coventry Creations with her sister Jacki Smith. Coventry Creations is known for its candles, incense and oils that inspire us to make magic the Coventry way.  No matter what’s getting in the way of your success, Coventry Creations has a candle for that.

Yesterday, Patty visited Callie Carling http://www.positivitybubbles.com/2011/12/healers-almanac/ where they talked about some of the toughest challenges women face and how the goddess can help.

Here’s what Patty and I chatted about the other day when I got to ask her some questions about Healing Wisdom for Inner and Outer Wellness.   I hope you enjoy it.

Paula: Can you tell our readers what led you to write this book?

Patty: I really think the book was the direct result of Neptune being conjunct with Saturn while the Aquarian moon was in my ninth house and the feng shui of my office opened up the blocks in my career zone.  Basically it took divine intervention to get me to write a book.  Since we are all pawns in god’s universe, she kept sending me people who thought writing a book that cataloged all the seemingly random information I had about alternative healing modalities and medicine was a brilliant idea.

I was a total geek about healing.  There wasn’t any one with a boo boo who would escape my advice about herbs or energy work or whatever the alternative therapy seemed to fit.

Once I was on board with the project of writing a book, I was ON BOARD.  Just ask my husband. I worked all day at Coventry Creations and wrote all night on the book.  He was concerned.

As I was writing the Healers Almanac it became very clear what lead me to write this book.  I needed to heal myself.  I wasn’t ill, but I was sick at heart, and I suppose that counts.  Think of me as a little boat lost at sea, doing its best to read the stars and stay afloat.  I was bailing as fast as I could.  Writing this book gave me the opportunity to connect with my higher self and give myself a good talking to, some much needed love and cheerleading.  All of which ended up being the lessons, meditations and encouragement from the 21st century goddesses.  They were my personal life coaches, and got the ball rolling for me so I could get real about attending to my low self esteem, fearfulness and tendency to check out about my life.  If you have ever written from your higher self you will know what I mean.  I would make myself laugh, or cry or sit there reading the words and wonder who wrote them.  That’s why I had to include journal pages.  I really wanted to give my readers an opportunity to recreate that experience.  It’s profound.

Paula: As modern women, we can get caught up in the busyness and stress of everyday life and its demands, sometimes to the point of making ourselves ill. What is one thing we can do to begin to find the peace and healing we seek?

Patty: If I was to pick one thing we could do to create peace and find healing it would be to love yourself as unconditionally as possible.  In the space of self love there exists everything we need to feel complete, worthy, relaxed, fulfilled, and loved.  Without any one of these things operating fluidly in our life, stress begins to creep in and threatens to topple the apple cart.  Oh and I know how it feels when our apples are spilled all over the ground.  We get filled with fear, anger, blame, shame and doubt.  That kind of stress becomes toxic when we don’t love ourselves enough to be able to move through the experience and learn from it.  By learn from it, I mean look at what you gain from the experience from your soul’s perspective and how you will develop more compassion and grace from it.  If you don’t take it high you are going to get caught up in the ego’s opinion.  Next time your apples are dumped, ask yourself; what does this experience tell me about what I believe is true (or not true) about me, the other guy and the situation? Be as honest as you can.  Then use those insights to re-direct your motivations, feelings, perceptions and actions to be more reflective of the highest truth. It will help you let go of habits, reactions and judgments of the past. You will find that stressful situations resolve more quickly for you and you’ll avoid the exhaustion and illness long term stress creates.

When we start down the path of self love and begin the process of uplifting our worth we will have to face all our shadows and let them have their say. As much as this sounds difficult and distasteful, it is the perfect way to practice loving yourself.  You see, your wounded selves live in the shadows and they are trapped there until you go to them with love and forgiveness without conditions.  Every time you do this you set a piece of yourself free and it will be easier to allow more love in. The positive sense of self worth gained by doing this is the miracle you have been looking for that brings health to your spirit, body, and mind.

Paula: How do you see the role of the goddess in our lives today? Are the goddesses of today different from the goddesses of old?

Patty: We have always needed the goddess.  We cannot really function without her.  The Kabbalah teaches us that the goddess or Mother God is there to catch our shooting star and hold us so we can become something. Without her love and devotion in helping us slow our roll, there would be no us. She starts by limiting us so we can create ourselves and then, she is there to continually remind us to focus and limit the expression of our own energy so we can manifest our ideas.

Daily, we have to temper our wild hair with discipline, patience and seeing things through to the end.  The goddess energy is instrumental in that process and is always there for us to fall back on when we need love and support or to just whine.    She is so versatile because creation is so complex. If we are to get good at creating we are to work in co-operation with the universe and let her teach us divine timing. We all know there are times of building or destroying.  There are also times for dreaming or waiting during gestation, and then there are times we need ground focus and get to work.  The goddess guides us in through all of these phases. She also holds us while we are fearful, in a tantrum and exhausted.

Historically we have needed to break her immense diversity down into smaller pieces of expression to understand her. That is why we have so many manifestations of the goddess in our cultures.  We have made a unique goddess to hold and uphold every virtue, vice and spark of life.  Whatever we have needed to master, there was a goddess there to teach us how it’s done and at times how it’s not done.  She also teaches us through hardships so we can remember just how magnificent we are.  Evolution through pain (or “what doesn’t work” for the Darwinians)!  No one is a stranger to that mode of teaching.

Are the goddesses of today different from our Ancestors goddesses?  Possibly at the core, they are not, because at our core, we are not any different from the day we burst forth as streaks of light through the universe. On the other hand, we humans as a culture are more comfortable with deity that reflects us, rather than the other way around.  So in an effort to take care of her starlings, the goddess has graciously morphed into images that we can relate to, and why not, she doesn’t have anything to prove. We are the ones with over active egos.  So, out with Kali the destroyer and in with Kristen Goddess of Shadow and light who is here to help us break free from bonds of negative beliefs and illusions.  We will always need a way to deconstruct what we’ve created, the goddess knows that.  How we do that can be approached in ways that match our current culture and a goddess with six arms may not be necessary. When Kali is needed, she’ll show up – trust me.

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AND… be sure to follow Patty tomorrow when the next stop on the Blog Tour is with Barbara Joye , who will be discussing with Patty writing and living her dream. To visit that “stop” on the tour, go to www.theshiftguru.com.

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