Declare YOUR Independence and Freedom!

I looked up the word “declaration” with my friend, Merriam. It says it is an announcement, an affirmation, an avowal. A vow. In 1776, the American Colonies made an announcement, and took a vow declaring they would be independent from Great Britain. They took a stand, and affirmed they would be free from that day forward. They would do whatever it took to attain that freedom.

Today I want to challenge you to make your own declaration. You are a creative spiritual woman, who longs for freedom from the drudgery of meaningless work. You aspire to creating entrepreneurial self-employment that allows you to work from your joy and lead from your heart.

So today, I invite you to take a few minutes and write your own declaration.  Take a stand to be free and independent in your own life doing your own work.

How do you do that?  First, pay attention to the words you choose.  You SHALL live the life you dream of – authentic, real, inspired.  And you SHALL do work that expresses your purpose and joy in the world.

No more messing around with “I WANT to live my life on purpose”, or “I WOULD LIKE to make a living doing creative entrepreneurial work”.  This is your declaration, your affirmation and vow that you WILL DO THIS!  You WILL create this dream reality!

Here’s an example of how your declaration might look, to get you started.  This is mine, and I am sharing it to make my own public declaration and to give you a template:

“I, Paula Tarrant, do solemnly write, publish and declare that I SHALL have the authentic life I envision living, and I SHALL be the creative entreprenuer I know I can be, generating the kind of revenue that takes my life to the levels at which I want to live, touches the lives of other spiritual, like-minded people everywhere, and fills my life with the prosperity, peace and fulfillment I desire!

Furthermore, I declare that I SHALL do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen, and claim for myself all the support necessary to achieve my freedom and my joy!”

Now, in case you’re wondering why I keep emphasizing the word “shall” in my declaration?  I checked with Merriam and it means “to express what is inevitable or seems likely to happen in the future”.  So you see, this is very powerful language.  This is much more empowered than your usual goal statements, or even your average affirmations.

Language is a powerful force.  Words have power as well as meaning.  Invoking the language of inevitability activates Universal forces to come together and support you and your good.

Now that you’ve written your declaration, the next step is to share it.

What would have happened if the Founding Fathers of the United States had written their declaration then just put it in the drawer?  Nothing!  Nothing would have changed.  It would have had no effect.   But when it was posted throughout the colonies, and presented to King George, it became a catalyst for a series of events that led to war and ultimately independence for the colonies.

So I have given you a challenge.  Will you take it up?  Share your declaration publicly here in the comments section.  Claim the support of our community of inspired women!

Most people want change, but not everyone is willing to actually DO anything about creating it.  They won’t ever write their declarations and make them public.  You can be one of the ones who does.  You can be one of the women who make things happen in life, and make a difference in the world because of that.

Will you do it?  You’ve seen my declaration.  You can use it to model your own.  Then publish it here on the blog, in the comments section below.  Then know that you can count on me.  I am honored to say: “I SHALL support you in achieving YOUR freedom and joy!”

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