Begin Here. Begin Now.

I’ve been rather quiet on my blog for a while now.  There are lots of reasons, none of which are what this post is about.  What I do want to talk about today is the importance of making a start from wherever you are whenever you find yourself there.  Thankfully I have an extra nudge to get me going today in the form of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. The challenge is to post on your blog every day for a month.  I have attempted this a time or two prior to this one, and remain hopeful that this month I will make a better showing than in the past.

So why now? Why today? And what is different about taking up the challenge to blog this month?

The short answer? I gave myself permission to show up imperfectly. And I gave myself permission to show up as authentically as possible. What that means in my case is choosing a post title keywords notwithstanding.  It means writing from my heart and saying what feels right rather than what I think might be right from an “is this good for business” viewpoint.  Hopefully those can be one and the same, and another blog post would be a great place to start that discussion, but today is about beginning.

When I first decided to become a life coach I cast around for some kind of unique and meaningful name for my business.  I settled on “Begin Here Coaching”, because right here and right now is all we have. It’s the starting point, no matter where we think we are or imagine we might be able to go in life, and that’s what I wanted people to know.  I’s a call to action that I was reminded of today as I sat with my thoughts about the kind of work I feel called and inspired to do, and how I can be of service to women in the world who can benefit from my particular gifts and expertise.  I’ve allowed myself to be influenced by so many outside voices recently that I’ve lost touch with my own voice, and consequently, I have felt unsure about the worth and value of my contribution.

As I sat at my desk, I started to think about all of the words that are a part of what Inspired Women Work is about.  Words are at the beginning of everything.  And I wanted to begin again. Right here. Right now.  So I created a word picture for you.  I hope you enjoy exploring all of the different aspects of what has meaning for me, and what I want to offer you.

If you feel this is your moment to draw your line in the sand and declare “right now, right here, I am beginning”, and you want to talk about how to do that, then email me.  If you want to find the place where your deepest spiritual, authentic and creative longings intersect with your life in the world, I can be a guide for that.

Share your comments and thoughts below.  I love to know what you think.













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  • I love the way you have created a life that feels good for you, Paige, and honors who you are as well as what supports you in making the creative space you desire to do work you love.

  • So I don’t fill my days with plans or box myself in with calendared intentions. I look at the week ahead and list tasks that I need to remember, promises and appointments I’ve made, and maybe make space for one or two personal projects or ideas that I don’t want to forget about. I have a regular client engagement on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I do because I like the client and what I get to help them with. Sometimes I take a week or an entire month off, to re-set my sense of time. Even during my regular weeks, I try to leave plenty of space.

  • Paula – awesome start. I agree, sometimes you just want to write it out and that day you write something that matters – it matters to understand that we are by our very nature imperfect. We all are and that’s ok.