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Paula Tarrant – your guide as you begin your inner journey –  is a Spiritual Life Coach and Transformation Expert who is passionate about helping spiritually and socially conscious women who find themselves at life’s major crossroads, yearning for Heart-Based and Spirit-Centered Lives and Work that make a difference.

She shows her clients how blending Spirituality plus Practicality gives them the confidence, sense of deep self-knowing and worth and “in-the-flow” forward momentum that empowers them to activate and wholly embrace the Deeper Connection to the Creative Life Force within. They delight in living in the Magic of Life and fully expressing and bringing forth to the world their originality, authenticity and unique brilliance.

Transition is the catalyst of Transformation.  Paula has developed the “7 Essential Keys to Powerful Transformation” Program, a combination inner and outer approach that will move you from struggle, fear, doubt and confusion into the ease and flow of inspiration, clarity, confident direction and soul-connected purpose.

By connecting with your Inner Spirit’s Wisdom, and finding your authentic voice, you learn to tap into your unique gifts, passions and sense of purpose to create Your Inspired Work, that only You can do, and that the world needs and can only get from you.  Work that will not only make a difference, but will make your heart sing while being profitable and successful!

Because your work is really your purpose made visible in the world.

Are you ready to make the commitment to greatness?  Are you ready to say “Yes!” to living a remarkable life of achievement and contribution?

I would love to be your guide as you begin the inner journey that will lead you to the real world destination you are seeking.

I invite you to email me!  Your journey begins now!