A New Facebook Fan Page Tool for Inspired Marketing

Marketing is a way to educate and provide value to others.  Inspired Marketing is using a holistic, connected approach to providing that education and bringing value to the marketplace.

Social Media, or Social Marketing, whichever term you use, is an intuitive and natural way to practice Inspired Marketing.  It is collaborative.  It invites connection and is constructed in a way that promotes success for everyone, rather than achieving success at the expense of one’s competitors.  It feels good to share what we know and resources we may have with others so that they can experience the same kinds of successes we are having.success2

Facebook has been phenomenally successful at promoting this kind of connective, community based marketing.  And one of the ways they have made it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs like you to leverage Facebook’s reach is through their Fan Pages.   I read an amazing statistic the other day. If Facebook were actually a country, it would be the third largest in the world!  And being on Facebook gives you the potential to reach 600 million users.

So it seems like an easy decision to say “yes” to adding a Facebook fan page to your collection of social media tools and resources.  But how do you create something that is authentic and truly reflects all that you have to offer?  After all, you are an inspired woman who has an inspired message to share with the world!

Social Outbreak For Your Facebook Fan Page

This is where a fabulous new tool can come to your rescue.  Now you can create a professional looking Facebook fan page using Social Outbreak, a brand new Facebook app, as simply and easily as clicking your mouse button.

Facebook provides you with a standard template for your Facebook business page.  But it takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to design your fan page so that it reflects your business in the authentic way you would like. You might have to learn the special Facebook markup language to implement features such as videos and images. It might also mean searching through pages and pages of Facebook apps to find just the right ones for attracting the attention of your ideal market and converting them to fans.  Or, if it all seems to daunting, then the other option is to pay someone to create it for you.

Now, you have another choice.  Social Outbreak takes those hundreds of hours of work and turns them into a simple point and click process.  You can create a custom Facebook fan page that looks like you paid a designer thousands to create it.

Some of the many features available with Social Outbreak are:

  • Step by step creation of your Fan Page
  • Building your side bar with custom colors & logos
  • It’s fully integrated within Facebook
  • You can create your site within minutes
  • Links to other social media sites
  • Set borders & background with color & images
  • Control text & headers
  • Load your own videos
  • Create custom auto-responders
  • Viral Marketing – As a prospect “likes” your fan page, auto-responders are
  • sent to their email & FB news feed.
  • Tutorials to help you fully take advantage of all the fabulous features

If you are basically a non-techie like me, then I hope you are beginning to see the potential in this revolutionary new Facebook fan page app.  Social Outbreak was specifically designed to help get your fan page setup on Facebook with an ease of effort.  And, this tool is built right into Facebook as an app so there’s nothing to to your computer or any kind of software to make it work.  You just log onto Facebook, click a few buttons and you can begin editing your site.

Social Outbreak is just being launched.  And in the best traditions of collaborative marketing, it is being promoted through referral marketing, which means you can create another revenue stream for yourself when you share it with others.  If any of this resonates with you, if you are ready to dive deeper into social media with a Facebook fan page, if you are interested in another stream of income as a self-employed, enterprising woman, then click here to set up a time for us to talk.

You can also get more information here by watching the three short videos:


There are some informational webinars scheduled over the coming days, and I’d be happy to send you the info for those as well.  As I said, Social Outbreak is about to launch itself as the “go to” product for creating Facebook fan pages.  I excited to jump in and start using it to create my page for Inspired Women Work!

The time is Now, for getting your work into the world!  Join me in taking advantage of a tool like Social Outbreak that will make it easy and effortless!

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